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“.... As an AI Educator, Nofil's weekly generative AI updates on Reddit are truly outstanding. The amount of information he gathers, even more so in his paid subscription, is a treasure trove of relevant, pre-digested content updates that are second to none. I find his updates to be incredibly informative and valuable.

Nofil is a thought leader I trust and tap into. I highly recommend Nofil and his company to anyone looking to start adopting generative AI and AI in general. You are in safe hands with him.”

Steve DeleinGlobal Lead Architect, SAP Generative AI Center of Excellence

“I’ve been following Nofil since the first Reddit posts which turned into a newsletter which I value greatly. Much of what I learned I’ve learned through Nofil and his outstanding output. I organised a talk at work which was inspiring and educational, got so many conversations going and helped add to the momentum I have created already to enable an GenAI future at my organisation.”

Jo PforrProduct & Innovation Lead, Australian Payments Plus

“I read these newsletters out loud to my husband while we have coffee in the morning. It's a ritual that helps us have provoking (and sober) conversations around technology and the future. Thanks for these.”

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